Over the years there has been over 300 animals that have traveled thru our gates. Some are here as permanent residents, others have been placed in their forever homes. We would like to share some of their stories with you

Anna a 3 year old, Lab X, high HW+, mom with 7 adorable 5 week old puppies. Anna came to us May 19, 2017. By the time the puppies were 8 weeks old they were all pre-adopted. Anna was able to start her treatment for Heartworms In August 2017. After finishing her treatment and allowable time for recovery, she was put up for adoption. In January 2018, Anna was moved into a Foster to Adopt Agreement with the adopter of one of her puppies “Boomer”. We are happy to say Anna is now reconnected with Boomer, happy as can be and living in Longmont, CO with her adoptive family.

Annalise a 2 year old Lab X, mom with 8 fun loving, energetic puppies just like her. At 2 Annalise is just a kid at heart who loves to play with her toys and has been known to take toys from her pups. This family came to us on February 9, 2018. All puppies have been adopted out from Vail to Greely and in between. Now Annalise is looking for her forever home. She has a great personality and loves everyone she meets. She gets along with all dogs (so far) from a Chihuahua to a 91 lb. American Bulldog. She just loves life. You can view her Profile on our website, Adopt-a-pet, Pet Finder and Rescue Me.

Bella is a 5 year old, 91 lb. female American Bulldog X with Heartworms. Bella came to us on February 28, 2018 so downtrodden and scared. She wouldn’t even walk thru a doorway without a little push. No other rescue would take her because of her age/condition and size. In a short time she has come into herself. She now goes thru the door on her own, she plays with all our rescue animals and even has a smile on her face. She is as sweet as she is big. A very kind heart and soul. Bella begins her 6 month Heartworm treatment in May 2018 after which she will be available for adoption. If you would like to donate to Bella’s treatment you can do so from our website.